The story of two people, a double-dip recession and one opportunity

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

From a certain little town near London, two people forged careers in procurement through the double-dip recession and beyond, to the present day as we near 2015. Both of them had enjoyed the same educational opportunities, and so far as anyone could judge, their prospects for success were equal but found themselves with very different outcomes..

One person accomplished a high-quality career, rising to VP in a telecoms firm. The other spent their last years almost entirely dependent upon the State and their children for financial support.

The second person has had, “tough luck,” friends and acquaintances said and “never seemed to succeed before or after the recession.”

But the first person did not ,“lose their grip.” They seemed to experience no difficulty in, “catching hold” after the recession.

The difference in the two people was not one of personal capacity or ability but a difference in decision making. One person saw the after-the-recession tide of expansion, so continued to learn and develop their skills for executive procurement opportunities. The other person drifted along, hoping something would turn up. The history of these two people will be repeated in thousands of lives in the next few months and years.

Life is a fascination! Over the last six months, here is a sample of what has been said to us:

  • “You can’t help me, I have been around for years and know it all.”
  • “I am CIPS qualified and that puts me in a unique situation.”
  • “I don’t have the time for studying, my family comes first.”
  • “My company isn’t on my back, so why should I bother?”
  • “Procurement will never reach the Boardroom, so I will tootle along.”
  • “I am happy being a buyer – who wants responsibility?”

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After Every Recession Come Great Successes and Great Failures

Is your future worth half an hour of serious thought? If it is, then take down a history of Great Britain. You will discover this unmistakable truth:

“Opportunity does not flow in a steady stream, like the oceans, it comes and goes in great tides.”

There was a high tide after the mid 70’s recession; and then came the panic of the late 80’s.

There was a high tide after the early 90’s recession; and then came the panic
of the late 2000’s.

There is a high tide now; and those who seize it need not fear what may happen when the tide recedes. The wisest people in this country are now putting themselves beyond the reach of fear – into executive procurement positions that are indispensable to far sighted organisations.

Weak People Go Down In Critical Years – Strong People Grow Stronger

If you are in your twenties, or your thirties, or your early forties, there probably never will be another such critical year for you as the year, 2015.

Looking back on it, in a few years hence, you will say, “That was the turning point.”

Many wise and thoughtful people of this country have anticipated the coming of this period and prepared for it.

They have trained themselves for the positions which business cannot do without, benefiting from the Brian Farrington training and consultancy insight.

Brian Farrington is THE Procurement specialist which has proved its power to lift people into the higher procurement executive positions.

These People Have Already Decided To Go Forward

Among the thousands of people who have benefited from Brian Farrington courses and consultancy services, many have gone on to be presidents of corporations, vice-presidents, Managing Directors, CPOs, procurement managers, category managers, and sourcing specialists, according to figures compiled a year ago.  To date, Brian Farrington has worked with 33 of the current FTSE100, leading international organisations in North America, Asia and Southern Africa, the majority of government departments and with a full range of category expenditures.

People who have developed themselves to seize opportunity, will make these after-recession years count tremendously.

You too, can make 2015 count for you.

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Why Brian Farrington?

There are three themes that clients tell us over and over again.

First, they tell us they believe they are making a smarter investment working with Brian Farrington Ltd — bringing a thorough understanding of their procurement and supply chain issues and a proven track record of enabling excellent returns on their investment.

Second, our clients are confident that they are working with specialists that bring experience, expertise and stay focused on client success; not on our next income target.

Finally, people –people just like you – tell us they actually like working with us. They find us easy to work with and collaborative in solving issues that inevitably arise in procurement.

About Brian Farrington 

Brian Farrington is one of the world’s longest established procurement and supply chain consultancy and executive training specialists. 33 of the current FTSE100 have retained our services, as well as leading organisations in the UK, North America, southern Africa and Asia. Established in 1978, we have proven expertise and experience in procurement, risk and negotiation.

Brian Farrington solutions and services are formed through consultancy, training & development and coaching – all underpinned by proprietary technology. Our four core areas of procurement capability are:

•Strategic review and commercial governance

•Performance delivery and transition

•Major project support including contract negotiations

•Learning & development in support of organisational aims.

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