Procurement and risk training- What is the purpose?

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

The purpose of Brian Farrington training input is to spare participants’ time and error – in delivering your business aims.

Our ‘grey haired’ resource is part of the toolkit of leading organisations, including 33 of the current FTSE100. We instil, reliably and effectively, techniques and solutions which have taken the very brightest and most determined of leaders in the field of procurement, a tireless effort to solve. Many of the techniques and examples of best practice are available elsewhere – there is no shortage of procurement ‘consultants’. You can find the answers on the Internet or in best-selling text books. However the problem in accessing these assets is that they need to be effectively filleted and skilfully dissected to be readily applied to your business.

That’s where we come in…

It is rare to find subject matter experts with strong presentation skills; the natural ability to engage with a group- motivators with depth. Established as one of the world’s first procurement consultancies, we have the experience and expertise to help you deliver your business aims.

Question: What is your ambition for developing the skills, knowledge and behaviours of your people engaged with suppliers?

We have collaborated with many of the leaders in procurement for over 35 years. People just like you, tell us we enhance procurement learning and development programmes. If you can spend a few minutes on the phone with Steve Ashcroft on 01744 20698 we can assess the ROI of working together. Or email here



For more information on how we can help you develop your skills please read “A positive step in developing your skills”


Why Brian Farrington?

There are three themes that clients tell us over and over again.

First, they tell us they believe they are making a smarter investment working with Brian Farrington Ltd — bringing a thorough understanding of their procurement and supply chain issues and a proven track record of enabling excellent returns on their investment.

Second, our clients are confident that they are working with specialists that bring experience, expertise and stay focused on client success; not on our next income target.

Finally, people –people just like you – tell us they actually like working with us. They find us easy to work with and collaborative in solving issues that inevitably arise in procurement.

About Brian Farrington 

Brian Farrington is one of the world’s longest established procurement and supply chain consultancy and executive training specialists. 33 of the current FTSE100 have retained our services, as well as leading organisations in the UK, North America, southern Africa and Asia. Established in 1978, we have proven expertise and experience in procurement, risk and negotiation.

Brian Farrington solutions and services are formed through consultancy, training & development and coaching – all underpinned by proprietary technology. Our four core areas of procurement capability are:

•Strategic review and commercial governance

•Performance delivery and transition

•Major project support including contract negotiations

•Learning & development in support of organisational aims.

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