4 ways to approach profit, innovation and risk

Friday, May 30th, 2014

No doubt you’ll have had a zillion notifications that the International Festival for Business kicks off next month and we’ve put a programme together for a what IFB2014 are calling “a different type of business trip” – hope you can save the dates?

In developing our programme we gave a lot of thought about *who* exactly would be interested in our advice during the IFB – and *how* could we add value? We’d like to think you’d find our IFB events useful and hope you can join us.

We’ve teamed up with the Liverpool Law Society for a couple of them and the great and the good from accountancy, IP, legal and business schools for t’other two, which is nice.

Four ways to approach to profit, innovation and risk. So here goes:

#1 This is a short, sharp half-day on 19 June: Managing a client’s contractual risks pretty much designed for you if your interested in contracts (which we are) or if your a legal eagle :)

Mitigating a client’s contractual risks requires a robust approach to understand the nature of the risk and the consequences of them arising. We are going to highlight how contractual risks relate to the wider corporate risk register using real life examples from a range of sectors. It’s held at the esteemed, Liverpool Law Society, established in 1827. Booking details are here.

#2 The second one is a breakfast session on 2 July (surely the bacon rolls will make it worthwhile?) in the amazing location of the Hub. The event title is rather impressive too:  60 Minute Business Boost: Energise, Fortify and Flourish, here we will emphasise the opportunity to reduce purchase prices (without reducing quality). This event is presented with our good friends from ICAEW and Mitchell Charlesworth. Booking details are here (no charge!)

Not only does this improve bottom line it doesn’t need capital investment!  If your grappling with the joys of bringing costs down we’re also providing a recommended implementation plan – so be sure you join us.

#3 This half day on 9 July is definitely aimed at hungry (but humble) legal-types and the wider professional services: Commercial Acumen in a Legal Context.

An ability to apply rational, practical, long-term business solutions as opposed to a single focussed legal solution is a quality sought after by discerning clients. Commercial acumen requires expert knowledge of financial, pricing, negotiation in a legal context and how real life problems arise. Success in business is built on fine margins, let’s see how we can enhance your knowledge, skills and behaviours at our Liverpool Law Society hosted event.  Booking details are here.

#4 Our fourth event, on 16 July, is a full-dayer: Innovators’ Day 2014: Innovate, Protect and Prosper at the imposingly modern Central Library taking a deep dive exploring Why your innovation needs your courage.

We – in collaboration with a host of other specialists – will explain (using ‘real-life’ example) the commercial, financial, procurement and legal considerations, all designed to protect your long-term interests and to take advantage of your innovation. The emphasis here will be on pragmatic advice on avoiding third parties taking advantage of your innovation, without rewarding you for your efforts. There’s also an opportunity for a one-on-one advice surgery. Booking details are here. (no charge!)

That’s it!

Four ways to approach to profit, innovation and risk; solid, practical advice you can apply straight back at the office. Please join, click on the booking links  – or give me a call on 01744 20698, I’ll save you a seat (for either one or more events) and send you all the details.



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