Dr Farrington Completes 9th Edition of Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Monday, March 7th, 2016

Our Managing Director, Brian Farrington, is the editor of an authoritative book on procurement and supply chain management. He has spent the last year revising the very successful 8th edition, published by Pearson. The new edition will shortly be published and it will benefit from a re-engineering of the content. It has been acclaimed by practitioners and students around the world.

There are significant new inputs on category management, contract and project management, and contract law. There has been extensive research on an international basis to ensure the new edition reflects international practice.

The proof reading of 650 pages is complete. For those aspiring to write a book, do not underestimate the time commitment it will require.

When the book is published, we will be offering in-house events, tailored to a client’s needs, using the book as a basis for the instruction. It will be ideal for procurement teams and their stakeholders. If this approach would help you and your business please contact Ray Gambell on 01744 20698 or [email protected] for a discussion.

               Check out the 8th edition of Procurement and Supply Chain management on Amazon here: http://goo.gl/Iem2uE