A Very Lonely Place

Thursday, June 11th, 2015

Our professional help and support to fellow professionals

We exist in business to provide sensitive and continuous support to fellow professionals. Procurement can be a very lonely place, as we are often told. Challenges abound, often requiring solutions that are innovative and long lasting. When you need a quiet discussion, who can you trust to seek advice? Who will have the breadth of experience to listen to your challenges and opportunities? Who has dealt with extreme challenges in various parts of the world as well as on the national stage?  Brian Farrington Limited can satisfy these criteria.

We are currently engaged in a wide range of challenges for some of our professional colleagues. These include looking at all the implications of supply chain risks that will impact on ISO 9001:2015 accreditation. It is concerning some that their organisation is unprepared for the new Standard, allied to the fact that there is no robust methodology for identifying the risk, or for developing risk mitigation strategies. A failure of the supply chain has, to our knowledge, caused some people to face the ultimate sanction from their employer; losing their job.

We also have a challenge in one organisation about developing their people. The previous Procurement Manager was unwilling to offer the procurement team any training on the basis that their people were CIPS qualified! That is an admirable achievement but not enough for modern business. Keeping up to date with such considerations as getting the maximum value from the supply chain, is essential. Negotiation strategies, partnering initiatives, long-term cost in use and contracting strategies need expert knowledge and focus for procurement to become a business differentiator.

It may seem simple to start with, but a one-day, one-on-one discussion with us can clarify where you have opportunities to take initiatives in your organisation. This is a minimal investment of resources and cost, with potential high value rewards. We leave you with a thought. In one international organisation, the question was asked, “If your top three suppliers went into administration today, how will we maintain business continuity?”  Now, there is a thought.

Give us a call. We welcome an initial discussion. Share your challenges with us. Contact me, Ray Gambell on 01744 20698