Winning Business in 2014

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Winning Business in 2014

Public sector are still spending, and we hear from Corporate organisations’ people that we are in contact with are feeling more bullish about the opportunities in 2014.

How are you going to win business from your public sector and Corporate clients in 2014?

With this in mind would you require someone who has successfully been through bidding processes, to add input?

No doubt actions are underway in readiness for your 2014 bid programme and ‘grey-haired’ advisory input from outside your four walls could add value during this resource and investment heavy time – to increase the % chance of winning? Specifically around core areas to maximise the quality of the submission i.e. project managing the bid process due to other demands on the business development/ service delivery teams; sense checking the bid at the milestones of PQQ/RFI and ITT/RFP or rehearsing the pitch team for the beauty parade (no stripe shirts, no stripe suits!) to ensure that the win themes remain consistent across all areas of the bid content.

Our experienced team has taken IT and professional services firms (including architects, lawyers, accountants, software houses, international consultancies, cloud advocates, BPO specialists) through public sector and Corporate bid processes.

We provide a suite of services to businesses winning business providing hands-on strategic advice as well as service delivery solutions specifically in the areas of proposals and tenders.

We don’t provide the shock and awe of innovative marketing paradigms and holistic solutions – or other such compelling client-centric value propositions – nor such really big words.  What we offer is winning business advice through “buyers’ eyes”.  After all, it is the buyer who will award you the contract; they are who we have to persuade, satisfy and delight.

All very well, you say…but how do I know you can help me?

So, three routes to open a dialogue:


Our offer to establish credibility:  send me (see my email details below) your last – or your worst bid , or best bid I don’t mind and I will provide tracked changes commentary (no not a commentary, suggested changes) on  on key aspects of your previous bid (no charge, you just need evidence that we can add value!).

Why would I do this?  Well, I want you to feel that – through relevant and valuable evidence – you can trust us, that we can add value in advising you on winning business.  Let’s start a conversation.


Maybe you’re feeling a little cooler but kinda interested.  Why not grab some of our insights – at no cost to you?  We’ve put together a short, sharp guide highlighting the key facets of bids we have evaluated that really do lead to success.  We are procurement specialists advising buy-side clients on tenders and bids, so we get to see a lot of supplier proposal documentation.  Here is what we have gleaned as the stand out points:  For a free copy of our report “11 key facets of your proposal – to a Corporate Buyer” please click here


Pick up that phone! Your first point of contact is Steve Ashcroft

If you would like to learn more about how we might be able to help you (facilitating a bid workshop, developing a bid win theme, sense checking your documentation, rehearsing the pitch team – indeed any and all aspects of the whole process) achieve your bidding/pitching/tendering goals for 2014, please contact me on 01744 20698 and we can have an informal chat to discuss your areas of interest.

When you call, we’ll have a conversation to learn more about your needs and challenges, your objectives and priorities – and to see whether what we do seems to be enough of a fit to move forward.

If there’s a fit, we’ll set up a meeting, either by telephone or in person to do a more in-depth “discovery session” to really understand what you need and whether we can help.

Drop me a note to set up an initial phone discussion. I fully recognise that contacting consultants can sometimes seem like a daunting prospect – but try us, we don’t bite!

Alternatively you can call me on 01744 20698.