Site Security – Who is that on our site?

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

The most extreme example of not knowing who is on a site occurred  at a client organisation. Two men arrived at a reception. They were dressed in white coats and told the receptionist they had come to take away the computers for repair. Unbelievably they were given unchallenged access! They took away the computers – never to be seen again!

So, how does your security system operate in regard to contractors? We were working in an overseas bank when a significant fraud was perpetrated through the presentation of false documents. When the CCTV tapes were analysed they had not been working due to a lack of  maintenance by a contractor. They were no CCTV images of any contractors on site.

 A scrutiny of one client’s signing in book showed the name M. Mouse.  No identification was requested or viewed, e.g. driving licence or passport. We have regularly seen a van full of contractors arrive on site with the driver waving to the ‘security police’. The vehicle number has been recorded but not the occupants. Given the heightened need for security, there is an urgent requirement to account for all third parties on
site. One final point. Those who are on site- do they have appropriate insurance?

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