Self-Development in the Procurement Industry

Thursday, March 3rd, 2016

The biggest obstacle to career development is complacency. Tragically, we keep hearing words to the effect, “I am CIPS qualified and don’t need any training.” This obviously comes from the heart, but it is misguided. Among the qualities of procurement specialists is a desire to keep on top of significant developments in the field. Constant challenges arise from changes to the law, supply market conditions (ask Tata), EU Regulations and project failures (ask IT). Self-development for procurement specialists is not yet mandatory we think it should be!

There are a number of options Brian Farrington Ltd. Offer. The first is a ‘project’ based learning experience and in this, a one-on-one situation can bring untold benefits. There are major advantages, including confidentiality and delivering to the business’ short term benefits. What do we bring? We bring practical experience across a range of business scenarios and extensive research outputs. We also bring the skills of thinking outside traditional boundaries. Our flexibility to accommodate the impact of the ‘day job’ on effective learning is an asset you can tap into.

We can also offer ‘distance learning’ that is experiential through guided reading and responses to case studies. It won’t be boring – we can promise you that. We have a real case study at the moment, it relates to the procurement of marketing services. There is an endless agreement, with a mouth-watering monthly retainer for priced hours for undefined work and charges for ‘additional hours’. There are also numerous exclusions; your task would be to critically analyse the situation and determine your next actions.

Are you interested in self-development?

Why not give us a call on 01744 20698 or send an email to [email protected] for a confidential discussion? It could be the call that has a positive impact on your career.