How to win public sector contracts

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

Public sector contracts can be valuable, beyond the profit margin (regular payment, high profile, opportunity for work across the sector).

However, the bidding process is onerous!

The pre-qualification questionnaire seeks to filter out companies that aren’t capable. However, they don’t make it very easy. Requirements such as showing you’ve undertaken ten contracts in three years, and the time and resources to fill out the documentation create a barrier.

It’s important to be selective in the projects you bid for. Pay particular attention to the requests for policies and procedures. Look at the evaluation criteria and weightings to recognise where the buyer’s focus is and whether these are strengths or weaknesses of your company.

And make sure the roles and responsibilities for the bidding process are allocated to members of staff at the outset; – it’s useful to have an in-house database of answers to standard questions.

I’d also recommend an independent eye scrutinise the first draft of PQQs or tenders. Establishing a structured approach to the process that allocates tasks to individual employees and takes advantage of lessons learnt from previous tenders is a crucial part of successful tendering.

And join me on 20 January and let’s see if we can achieve successful tendering together.

It’s a short, sharp half-day held at our local Chamber in St Helens which aims to address the ways and means of successful tendering.

It’s called a Tender Masterclass (groan)

Which I did name deliberately! To attract the more experienced tendering folk; to really get to the nuts and bolts, sharpening the approach rather than a bit of fluff about OJEU and contract finder and what is an EOI.

Here’s the link :

>>> Tendering Masterclass  <<<

Successful tendering is driven not by what you know – but by what you do – and if you can join me to test it out, that would be great.

Cheers – and happy New Year :)


PS if you can’t make the 20th Jan in St Helens, get in touch for a workshop to achieve successful tendering in 2015.

A one-on-one 90 minute workshop, led by little old me, which helpfully – and objectively – evaluates your tendering WAYS and MEANS to achieve your ENDS: How to win public sector contracts.

Why this is worth your time?

Find out:

  • How to prove your tendering value in 2015.
  • How to keep your job :)
  • How Buyers REALLY evaluate your bid.
  • How to materially improve your hit rate.

When is the workshop offered?

The workshop is offered from 5th January 2015 through to 30th January, 2015.

Where is the workshop held?

The workshop takes place at your office.

How do I register?

Just drop me a note or give me a call on 01744 20698 saying when’s best for you and I’ll be there. It’s no cost to you :)