How to get your contract risks under control!

Monday, October 27th, 2014

The English Courts are full, everyday, of Buyers and Sellers who screwed up a contract.

Don’t join that club.

This one day highly interactive practical workshop “How to get your contract risks under control!” will give you the tools and techniques to get your contract risks under control.

This is guidance and solutions-driven, not a hypothetical exercise.

One day workshop in Birmingham, 29th January 2015 £275 + VAT.

Practitioners and Decision makers only:

  • What happens when your supplier fails to perform
  • Pricing Risks: Is the price you paid the price you thought you would?
  • Sub-Contracting Risks: Who is doing the work?
  • Right of Audit: Got it but can you use it?
  • Termination Rights  What’s plan B?
  • Intellectual Party: Who owns it?
  • Contract Crisis Management : Where to turn to
  • Contracts Database: Who knows what contracts there are right now?

Full workshop details available on request.  Also available as an in-house event.

Please call 01744 20698 or email me


Why Brian Farrington?

There are three themes that clients tell us over and over again.

First, they tell us they believe they are making a smarter investment working with Brian Farrington Ltd — bringing a thorough understanding of their procurement risk management issues and a proven track record of enabling excellent returns on their investment.

Second, our clients are confident that they are working with specialists that bring experience, expertise and stay focused on client success; not on our next income target.

Finally, people –people just like you – tell us they actually like working with us. They find us easy to work with and collaborative in solving issues that inevitably arise in procurement risk.

About Brian Farrington 
Brian Farrington is one of the world’s longest established procurement risk management consultancy and executive training specialists. 33 of the current FTSE100 have retained our services, as well as leading organisations in North America, Southern Africa and Asia. Established in 1978, we have proven expertise and experience in procurement risk management.

Brian Farrington solutions and services are formed through consultancy, training & development and coaching – all underpinned by proprietary technology. Our four core areas of procurement risk management capability are:

•Strategic review and commercial governance

•Performance analysis, reporting, delivery and transition

•Major project support – identifying and mitigating procurement risks

•Learning & development in support of organisational aims.

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