Negotiation – Are you demonstrating toughness?

Monday, February 17th, 2014

The most challenging assertion for a negotiator is to offer them the thought that their skill level may not be as high as it should be!

The ability to negotiate is the potential home of all egoists; many will not entertain the thought that suppliers will tell them they are tough and the best negotiator they have met in a long time is merely flattery.

How are you sharpening your commercial negotiation skills?

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Here are six questions you may contemplate.

  1. When were your negotiators last faced with an independent view of their skills?
  2. How would they handle one-on-one negotiations with a professional?
  3. If you have had training, did you check any changes in behaviors?
  4. What strategic, advanced negotiations are facing your organisation?
  5. Who will organise the rehearsal of your negotiation strategy and tactics?
  6. How will success/failure be measured?

Now consider the following.

“I have always believed that the optimum moment for negotiations is when things appear to be going well. To yield to pressures is to invite them; to acquire the reputation for short staying power is to give the other side a powerful incentive for protracting negotiations. When a concession is made voluntarily it provides the greatest incentive for reciprocity. It also provides the best guarantee for staying power.

In the negotiations I have conducted I always tried to determine the most reasonable outcome and then get there rapidly in one or two moves. This was derided as a strategy of “preemptive concession” by those who like to to make their moves in driblets and at the last moment.

But I consider that strategy useful primarily for placating bureaucracies and salving consciences. It impresses novices as a demonstration of toughness.”

Remember! Negotiation skills training is the least trained skill in the Western hemisphere.

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