The Business World in One City? The International Festival for Business

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

Brian Farrington Ltd are proud to announce that we are supporting the International Festival for Business this summer in Liverpool.

“This is a great opportunity for all businesses involved to connect with other businesses (potentially clients, partners and suppliers) nationally and internationally. The Brian Farrington team have organised a number of events throughout the festival period in June and July with clients, partners and suppliers – aligned with the theme of the event – business!”

The International Festival for Business

The International Festival for Business (IFB) 2014 is the largest global concentration of business events during 2014. The 50-day festival runs across 7 weeks in June and July and will attract business delegates and trade intermediaries from around the world.

How can you sign up to be part of the festival?  Sign up on the official site here

The business packed schedule is as follows:

Week Commencing: 9 June 2014- Maritime, Logistics and Energy

Week Commencing: 16 June 2014- Higher & Further Education and Research

Week Commencing: 16 June 2014- Cities, Enterprise and Urban Business

Week Commencing: 23 June 2014- Manufacturing, Science and Technology

Week Commencing: 30 June 2014- Knowledge, Professional and Financial Services

Week Commencing: 14 July 2014- Low Carbon and Renewables

Week Commencing: 14 July 2014- Knowledge, Creative and Digital

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Brian Farrington will be hosting a number of events in June and July in the heart of the city of Liverpool.

For more information about these events and how you can hear from sector specialists, please email Steve.

For more information about the IFB- Who’s helping you? IFB 2014