Construction Contracts – A Recipe for Disaster

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

There is an endless, repetitive catalogue of construction disasters. They are not restricted to any part of the world, nor are the culprits’ uninformed clients and constructions companies. Brian Farrington Limited continues our research into the causes of construction ‘difficulties.’ One of our drivers is seeking to identify why the problems persist.

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Outlined below are more excerpts from a review of construction projects.

  •   A lack of pre-project planning resulted in inadequately defined scopes of work and prolonged project designs
  •   Some project decisions were made after the projects were designed and construction contracts were awarded
  •  The cost and design required to complete the projects grew significantly from original estimates
  •   On two projects, design contractors spent more time designing the projects after the construction bids were awarded than they did before the bidding process
  •   Design omissions and errors contributed to 171 changes in the construction contract, and construction costs exceeded the original bid by 30 per cent
  •   Facilities services paid contractors for additional work at rates higher than allowed in the contract
  •   Many changes occur during construction because clients have difficulty knowing what they want or need before construction is underway
  •   Project managers told us they work under many constraints including time consuming contracting requirements
  •   Staff did not do an adequate job of documenting the reasons for formal contract changes
  •   A contract change included the phrase “modify space planning to fit existing footprint” and “generate base drawings”
  •   Increases in projects costs examples was  i) 91% ii) 180% iii) 329%
  •   Project managers told us liquidated damages are seldom claimed when contractors miss contractual deadlines.

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This listing is a litany of how construction projects ‘go wrong.’ Cynically, it could be propounded that contractors are expert in taking advantage of situation circumstances outlines above. Change orders are almost inevitable, presenting the opportunity for price hikes, extended delivery dates and manipulation of site ‘issues.’

The role of professional procurement is frequently undervalued. Note the comment on ‘time consuming contracting requirements.’ The reasons why the process is sometimes prolonged is precisely because the specification, etc, etc, is inadequate and to contract under those circumstances would leave the buying organisation open to incalculable risks. In a similar vein, note the comment that liquidated damages are seldom claimed. Why should this be so? Is it ineffective contract management? Is it that we caused the delay and don’t want to open up pandora’s box?

Construction procurement is not a task of convenience, simply carrying out what we are told regardless of the consequences. It requires a robust risk modelling tool at the very least.

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