New Year, New Thresholds, New Rules

Monday, January 27th, 2014

New Year, New Thresholds, New Rules.

What will 2014 bring? No doubt there will be a plethora of foretelling, forecasting and foreclosures. But Who, Where, When and Why will not be foretold by us. The “What” however, is where we can offer some certainty. As of the first of January 2014 a change in EU thresholds came into force. Whilst in Euros the thresholds increase but due to the impact of exchange rates, in Sterling the levels are lower.

Here are the UK Thresholds 2014

(Source UK Cabinet Office)

Usually these are biennial changes. (i.e. every two years) but there are proposals to modify the rules in the near future. We will keep you informed if you  sign up to our newsletter and get your free copy of our ’10 Questions You Should Ask About Purchasing and Supply Chain Risk Management’  Otherwise please return to this website on a regular basis for updates.

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