Do you bother to read the fine print?

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

Reading the Fine Print

We have been reading a proposal from a company selling IT Systems.  There were some interesting clauses in the fine print.

Over the next few days we will offer extracts, suitably anonymised,  for your contemplation. Many companies sign up to such terms without question. Would you accept these at face value?

Extract 1

“Where Hardware is to be supplied XXX shall supply with such Hardware such manuals and documentation relating thereto which are obtained from the supplier of such Hardware; where software is supplied, XXX shall supply such documentation as XXX considers reasonably necessary for the operation by the Customer of such Software excluding Source Code Listings and other similar material and/or information.”

We will let you know what we think after we have issued all he extracts but in the meantime we would love to hear your thoughts. What would be your next move? Please let us know.

Here is the next in this series Fine Print 2

Our view can be found here

Email me, Ray Gambell,  [email protected]  with your views  or contact me on 01744 20698.  I look forward to hearing from you.