Why Client Confidentiality is Important to you – and Brian Farrington

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

Why Client Confidentiality is Important to you – and Brian Farrington

Your external consultants and training resource provision impacts on the policies, processes, governance and key stakeholders of your organisation. Working with client’s on high-value, high-risk projects often gives controlled access to their commercial secrets, which is why Brian Farrington Ltd respect and uphold confidentiality – with or without an NDA being place – including not naming our clients in marketing material.

It’s just the way we do business.

We also avoid conflicts of interest.  Do you, for example, check when using the ‘big league’ or do they convince you that Chinese walls exist?

It is crucial that details about clients are not shared with third parties. This raises a contradiction when considering the apparent convincing ‘power’ of pesky testimonials for potential clients, that don’t know us.

The chances are if you are involved in procurement, risk and tendering you might know about Brian Farrington Ltd (one of the world’s first procurement consultancies). But what if you don’t?  Many of our clients are working outside of procurement – in related functional areas such as risk, marketing, engineering and IT.

Testimonials appear to have the impact of good PR but with a greater impact than advertising.  We want you to feel good about the services we offer – and of course seeing someone like yourself having a positive experience has got to be valuable.

We just need to post our first ever testimonial on our website…

Testimonials bring credibility – how about this one from a client? (name redacted to respect client confidentiality):


“Stephen Ashcroft designed, delivered and evaluated an innovative and engaging L&D programme for our senior non-commercial managers that has led to increased commercial understanding and capability by enabling and equipping participants to be ‘intelligent customers’ with suppliers and other stakeholders.” 

Government Organisation, Learning and Development Consultant


 So, what can we do for you?  We can probably help you achieve your objectives – through our consultancy, training and coaching services – let’s start a conversation.

If you can spend a few minutes on the phone with me, I can assess the potential ROI of working with us.

If this is interesting to you, please email me and I’ll set something up.

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