What is your ambition for your people who engage with suppliers?

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

The purpose of Brian Farrington training input is to enable and equip participants to enhance their corporate performance.

What is your ambition for your people who engage with suppliers?

Our ‘grey haired’ resource is part of the toolkit of leading organisations, including 33 of the current FTSE100. We instil, reliably and effectively, what it has taken the very brightest and most determined of the leaders in the field of procurement painful effort to work out and apply in practice.

Some of the techniques and examples of best practice are available on the Internet or in best-selling text books. But the problem is this treasury of knowledge needs to be sufficiently well filleted and skilfully dissected to be readily applied to your business. Of course when you are reading there is no challenge to your thinking or rationale. You can be dismissive of new ideas without you being questioned or by listening to working examples.

That’s we’re we come in, with irrefutable practical examples at a strategic policy and operational level.

No fiction!

It is rare to find subject matter experts with excellent presentation skills and a natural ability to engage with a group. Established as one of the world’s first procurement consultancies we have the experience and expertise to help you deliver your business aims.

Question: What is your ambition for developing the skills (and knowledge and behaviours) of your people who engage with suppliers?

An investment in a tailor-made programme where the learning is directly related to real life opportunities is the way forward, provided the participants agree an action plan. The word ‘accountability’ doesn’t seem to rest well in some quarters. We are a great advocate of ensuring our clients’ teams are at the cutting edge of decision-making – not ineffective passengers.

You may think we can probably enhance your learning and development programme. If you can spend a few minutes on the phone with Steve Ashcroft on 01744 20698 we can assess the ROI of working together. Or email Steve for details